A Better Way to Prevent Chronic Disease

Did you know that one in two Americans suffers from chronic disease and that one in four has multiple chronic conditions? Worse yet, chronic diseases are responsible for seven out of ten deaths each year. The sad fact is the US has a chronic disease problem—and it’s only getting worse. By 2020, chronic disease is expected to affect approximately 157 million people in the US.

While those numbers are extremely frightening, the good news is you don’t have to be a statistic! Read below to find out how you can prevent chronic disease and take control of your health once and for all.

Problems With Current Chronic Disease Care

Due to the growing number of people suffering from health issues, physicians and doctor’s offices are inundated with more patients than they can keep up with, making it difficult for patients to get the adequate time and care they need to effectively manage their chronic conditions.

Moreover, modern medicine as a whole is not equipped to provide the health coaching and comprehensive services that people need to truly understand their health issues and change the harmful behaviors at the root of this chronic disease epidemic.

That’s because the doctor’s offices of today are primarily designed to be reactive, providing treatment only when a person is ill. In fact, most clinics treat only acute medical problems, injuries or emergencies as those types of medical issues were the leading causes of death at one time in history.

Today is a different story, though. Health issues are not as simple or straightforward and a doctor’s time is much more limited.

Chronic Disease Prevention

But, don’t worry…everything is not doom and gloom! There are plenty of things individuals can do on their own to ensure they stay healthy and keep chronic diseases at bay. In truth, not even the best doctors can prevent or cure a chronic disease. It all depends on you!

The most effective way to prevent chronic disease is by making healthy choices. By making small changes to your everyday diet and exercise routine, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing a chronic condition and, as a result, improve your quality of life. Simple things like regularly exercising, eating nutritious foods, limiting alcohol and getting adequate rest can all go a long way toward keeping you disease free for as long as possible.

However, many people fail to enact these healthy changes. The reason? A lack of support and guidance. Luckily, Prevene® is here to help!

A Better Way

Let’s face it, nobody likes to go to the doctors office, especially when you’re not sick.  So why hang around sick people when your trying to get motivated to be healthy? Prevene® believes in taking the preventive annual physical outside the hectic busy typical doctors clinic, and having your annual preventive visit in a modern, calm, relaxing, spa like environment dedicated just to keeping you healthy!  

At Prevene®, we recognize that the best medicine is no medicine at all, but rather the right tools and resources. That’s why we’ve created a revolutionary new and interactive physical exam, one that’s designed to be proactive and give you the support you need to make healthy choices. Thus, preventing chronic diseases from developing and reducing the need for medication.

In short, we do what traditional primary care clinics in Scottsdale don’t—turning your annual physical into an amazing experience. Through body metrics with a 3-D body scan, goal tracking, wellness coaching, motivational counseling,  we empower you to make wellness a priority, which is the best and surest defense against chronic diseases.  Best of all, there is virtually no out of pocket cost to you, as it is billed all under your annual physical exam.

Our current patients have already seen tremendous success…let us help you, too! Find out more by visiting our Scottsdale office or call 480-614-5349 to schedule an appointment today!