Conquering Chronic Disease One Person At A Time

At Prevene®, we’re revolutionizing the world of primary care as you know it. We’re working to stop diseases before they develop by focusing on preventative care through our comprehensive and advanced total body physicals.

Preventive physicals like the ones we perform at our modern clinic are designed to do just that—prevent disease. With our interactive and revolutionary physicals, we help patients win the battle on preventing multiple and serious acute conditions through vaccinations, early treatment of high blood pressure and early detections of cancers, such as colon cancer, skin cancer, and breast cancers. If more individuals would utilize screenings and early interventions, we would be in a better position to treat and prevent diseases rather than just manage them.

But we seem to be losing the war on chronic disease. In fact, chronic disease is now surpassing most conditions as the leading cause of health care costs. 

Time and time again, we encounter patients at our practice who simply don’t prioritize their health or make basic healthy lifestyle choices. For example, a young, mildly obese man may come in for a physical exam, and, after seeing his blood work is good and his blood pressure is normal, then go home and tell his wife “all is well” while a carrying a to-go bag from his favorite fast-food chain. Of course, she rolls her eyes and knows he has to lose weight and start living a healthier lifestyle to truly be healthy long-term. Multiply this experience times millions each year and it is no wonder that almost 50% of Americans are projected to have a chronic disease by 2030. 

In today’s society, so many things are changing around us with the advent of new technologies, yet the physical exam has remained the same for centuries. There’s no question this must change for society to effectively reverse the progression of chronic disease.  

The truth is no physician is going to reverse chronic disease on his own. Only the actions of each and every individual patient on a collective basis will do that. Therefore, in addition to using preventative tools and screenings, the modern physical exam must focus on motivating patients to make positive changes and adopt a healthier lifestyle. In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to be healthy. We have the advantage of technology on our side and have developed successful systems and strategies to make positive, healthy changes. So, if not now, then when? 

At Prevene®, we’re helping our patients take action now! We’re dedicated to setting the highest new standard when it comes to physical exams by making them a truly unique and positive motivational experience. As part of our wellness exam, everyone receives a 3-D body scan in addition to a 12-point program of care consisting of lifestyle screenings, tests, and personalized support. The 3-D avatar of your body is very informative, revealing not only exact body measurements but body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage and daily caloric needs. This data is then used to help establish health goals to motivate you to become a better you year after year. 

As an example, I have been personally treating a man with high blood pressure, obesity, elevated cholesterol…and we both knew he drank more than he was willing to admit. After getting an initial exam at Prevene®, his blood pressure and cholesterol numbers improved, and his once flushed complexion normalized all within a three-month timespan. How did such big changes happen in such a short amount of time? Turns out, he’d been prioritizing his health!

He explained to me that after getting a 3-D body scan at Prevene®, he decided it was time to take care of his body. He realized that his frequent alcohol consumption was adding too many calories to his diet and stated that during his previous visit he had set health goals with the nurse practitioner. In the three months between visits, he worked on those goals by drastically reducing his alcohol intake, adopting healthy eating habits and adding exercise to his daily routine. And BOOM…just like that chronic disease is halted!

Needless to say, I was so proud of him. His blood pressure was better than ever before and his need for medications was reduced plus he had a more positive outlook on life. This man’s personal improvement in health is just one example of the many ways our exams are creating positive changes in the lives of our patients. And to think, all of this success from “just” a physical exam!

There’s no doubt about it…Prevene® is a disruptor in the field of primary care. We’re completely changing the paradigm of a physical exam by making it an outstanding, motivating experience—and our patients are reaping the benefits! As a physician, there’s no greater joy than seeing your patients happy, healthy, and in need of one less medication, resulting in smiles all around!