Why is a urine test no longer part of the routine labs?

A urine sample is no longer part of a routine physical exam. Dysfunctions and diseases that can be found in a urine sample are better found through annual blood tests ordered by your provider. Microscopic blood or protein in your urine can produce false alarms that lead to unnecessary additional testing. You may be asking; when should I give a urine sample? If you are experiencing urinary symptoms such as: burning, urgency, frequency, pain with urination or discharge, tell your provider immediately. These symptoms may be associated with genitourinary problems and further testing is necessary. Reasons your provider may ask for a urine sample even though you do not have symptoms is if you have high blood pressure and/or diabetes. These diseases increase your risk of developing kidney problems. Make sure to talk to your provider about appropriate annual screening labs and if or why they are right for you.