A Solution to the Primary Care Crisis

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably had trouble finding a primary care physician at some point or another. Or, just as bad, had to wait months until an appointment opened up. That’s a troubling scenario when one’s health is on the line—and unfortunately, the problem only seems to be getting worse.

So, why are so many people suddenly finding it difficult to get seen by a PCP? It all boils down to simple math: fewer doctors and more patients. That’s the short answer at least. In reality, the problem is more complex than that.

Fewer Doctors and More Demand

There’s no denying it…the number of physicians in the US is declining. In fact, the Association of American Medical Colleges predicts that the physician shortage will continue to worsen with the US reaching a shortage of nearly 122,000 physicians by the year 2032. The field of primary care medicine, in particular, is already being hit hard. A growing number of medical students are choosing to study more specialized branches of medicine over primary care, which leaves the field in a crisis.

Add in an aging baby boomer population, an increase in chronic disease, and a model of care that’s primarily reactionary in treatment rather than preventative…and it’s no wonder patients can’t find the everyday care they need! In short, the demand is too high, the supply is too low, and the system is not equipped to deal with it all.

Why Primary Care Matters

Primary care is critical for maintaining good health. Medical cornerstones like physical exams, bloodwork, and routine checkups all fall under the primary care spectrum as do physicians like family doctors, pediatricians, internists, and OB-GYNS. That’s why a shortage of PCPs is a cause for concern. A shortage of providers not only means that patients are having more trouble getting immediate medical care, but they’re also being rushed in and out of clinics without ever receiving the in-depth care they need.

A Superior Solution

Here at Prevene®, we’re working to change all that. We recognize that the current model of medical care is failing most patients, which is why we created a more efficient and optimized plan of care. Specifically, we provide an interactive, total body physical exam that addresses the root cause of health issues through a 12-step comprehensive evaluation.

Best of all, patients don’t need to be seen by a primary care physician first. We welcome everyone, whether they already have a primary care physician or not. Plus, just like standard annual exams, our upgraded physical exam is covered by almost all insurance companies, meaning zero copay or upfront costs.

Don’t waste time or energy trying to schedule an appointment with a primary care doctor who’s already overloaded. Contact Prevene® instead! We offer all the routine services, plus more, with no wait time or rush! In short, we provide VIP level care, but without a VIP price tag.