Is Prevene® covered by insurance?

No, Prevene®  is not contracted with insurance companies, and services are not covered by insurance. You can, however, use your insurance to pay for necessary labs, as well as use your HSA card for supplements, etc. Upon your request, codes can be manually added to your invoice and signed by a healthcare provider that can then be submitted to insurance for reimbursement. Unfortunately, we are unable to advocate on your behalf concerning insurance reimbursement and HSA qualifications. If you purchase anything with Prevene®, We provide itemized receipts containing all the services and items you are receiving.

What is included in a Prevene® Comprehensive Exam?

Precise technology and a support team to help you attain your goals – that’s the focus of Prevene®. With Prevene ’s  New patient and follow-up programs, we measure your success in reaching the ultimate goal of well-being. Typically a Prevene®  consult will include, Body composition, systems review, comprehensive lab review, report of findings, nutritional counseling, smart goal setting, peptide therapy, hormone replacement, and plans and programs.

How long are the appointments?

  • 1 Hour initial visit
  • 40-minute follow-ups

How long is my membership if I choose to sign up?

Our Prevene®  providers recommend a 6-month program. Although, At Prevene®, we believe in hassle-free cancelations. With a Prevene membership, you can cancel at any time for any reason. We just ask that you give us notice of your cancelation at least seven days before your next billing cycle (date of initial sign-up).

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