FastVitaminIV ©: Quickly replenish your cellular energy and vitality

Intravenous vitamin drips that take hours to complete are a treatment of the past. FastVitaminIV© was created by Craig Koniver, MD to offer a quicker and more powerful treatment than traditional intravenous drips, taking only 60 seconds or less! This unique form of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids will flood your cells with all-natural ingredients that are undiluted for maximum effectiveness of your body’s necessities to help you feel better fast.

The rapid release formula delivers ingredients directly into the bloodstream without having any negative side effects because it goes straight to where it is needed. The push effect can lead to a variety of sensations including: warmth, enhanced immunity, boosted energy, optimal recovery and mental clarity, better sleep, and improved quality of life. FastVitaminIV© is the perfect solution when quick relief is desired.


FastVitamin IV is a 60 second IV push of Vitamin’s B1,2,3,5,6, Magnesium sulfate, & 19 amino acids.

Benefits include improved focus,sleep,mood,energy,recovery & immunity. After 3-4 treatments, you will notice enhanced sleep, improved mood, better recovery, more energy, and colors are brighter.

Anyone with recent or current viral illness, those that suffer from active or chronic migraines/headaches, vegans/vegetarians and anyone looking to improve quality of sleep, overall mood, energy, focus, recovery & immunity.

We recommend WEEKLY doses of the FastVitaminIV.

Flushing, bitter/metallic taste, chest/pelvic heaviness during session. These symptoms resolve once IV is complete.

Not suitable if you’re pregnant or actively trying to conceive.

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