Prevention Through Peptides

As a primary care physician for over 15 years, I quickly realized that most chronic diseases could be prevented with lifestyle changes, proper nutrition, exercise, and proper sleep.   As I left the office early one evening, I caught myself staring at articles piling up on my desk regarding the rise of obesity, diabetes, and chronic ailments.

Frustrated, I went on a long run and couldn’t help but ask myself repetitively , “where are we failing as physicians?”  We are either asking the wrong questions or sending the wrong message.   

A light bulb within gave me the realization that when we tell patients to “lose weight”, we are sending misconstrued and unrealistic expectations.  Physician’s words are powerful, and informing a patient they need to “be thinner”, can translate into a negative emotional state; which, in turn, triggers patients eating less, restricting calories, malnutrition, and feeling helpless.  Some people lose weight along with precious muscle. In doing so, muscle loss/decreased caloric intake results in fatigue, loss of strength and deterioration of bone mass. This vicious cycle  leads to rebound weight gain with less muscle compounding the problem.  

What if we motivated our patients to Build muscle, Burn fat, and Better their sleep?

The next day, an overweight man was in my exam room.  Like most do, at the end of his current list of complications, he was vocally distraught over the number on the scale and adamant that he needed to lose weight.

Here was my chance to see if words matter.

I genuinely expressed to him, “No, you don’t!  You need to build muscle, burn fat as energy, and get better sleep!”  His eyes lit up,“ yes, that’s exactly what I need!”, he said.  Over the next few months, he shredded weight (while maintaining sufficient muscle mass) by providing him with the tools he needed to succeed. The patient was given educational and motivational counseling to encourage a higher protein intake, consume healthy carbohydrates/fats, reduce simple sugars, and implement a healthy exercise routine.  The end result is healthy weight loss while enjoying the process.  

Certain peptides can be the powerful tools to assist in muscle growth, burn excess fat, enhance mental clarity, and improve sleep quality/quantity, along with many other health benefits. Peptides are amino acids linked together to send signals within your body to do certain tasks.  Growth hormone secretagogue peptides are safe and effective.  It was discontinued due to manufacturing, and back on market, yet underutilized as insurance as no real indication for “anti-aging” and there is not a pharmaceutical patent to capitalize on “chronic disease”.   

I have personally seen many patients lose abdominal fat and build muscle with peptides, yet the scale shows only a few pound reduction.  Excitedly, they tell me they need to buy new clothes as their pants do not fit any longer.  It makes me wonder why scientific studies are clinically significant when they only focus on a reduction of total weight, not body composition.  I have personally seen a progression in “weight loss” with peptides along with proper nutrition and supplements by constantly improving their body composition, but this also came with strength, vitality, confidence, and improvement in their overall health. 

Best in prevention through peptides, 

Joseph A. Rotella MD, DC 

Enjoy the process of learning a healthy lifestyle, get out of your head, start moving, and eat with a purpose.  Do the work, and you will see the results.  Don’t talk about it, be about it.  Remember, the secret is that there is no secret but daily healthy choices that add up over time.  

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